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As you can see from our services, we provide a complete software and database support package. We can advise on the products best suited to your situation and can also provide a comprehensive service at competive rates.

We always provide customized quotes specific to your needs and the skills nessecary for your solution. Our quotes are generally given as labour costs and as such are based on an hourly rate.

Hourly rates will depend on the skill you need for your solution, however the prices below should serve as a guide.

Initial Consultation £FREE
Data Analysis/Consultation £15 - £25 per hour
Software Development £20 - £40 per hour
RDBMS Solution Development £20 - £40 per hour
Web Design £20 - £30 per hour
A schedule will be written and agreed stating the amount of hours the project will require and also includes timescales.
You will find our prices are highly competitive as we regularly compare ourselves to the rest of the market.
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